Jail,Hollywood and Back’


My new Blues/Rock Album called ‘Jail.Hollywood and Back’ is a collection

of  9 songs -£6.99- all with Slide Guitar.Songs also feature Vocals,Bass Gtr,

Guitars,Drums and Keyboards-covering a wide range of sounds,from one

end of the spectrum to the other.From mellow Delta Blues tracks such as

‘Downland High’,which features solo acoustic Slide Guitaring-you can feel

the tumble weed rolling ,in this beautiful piece. To  songs like ‘Turning Tide’

which has Over-driven ripping wah Slide Guitar,with hammering heavy beats,

a mixture of Drum n Bass and Blues,creating a new fusion of  styles never

heard before. ‘Walking the River’ is inspired by memories of fishing in the

Summer time,with Vocals,Guitars and Hammond Organ,people have

commented “its like an epic movie sound track”.

A Classic Album not to be missed.JHB Album Cover web done

(See Download instructions below.)



How to Download Album

  1. Its really easy, Click on the buy now button.
  2. Goto Checkout- Purchase, connects to secure Paypal link.
  3. Once payment complete.Paypal will re-direct you back to ‘Purchase Complete’ page. Thats it !
  4.  In products ,click on the file JHB to begin downloading your Album                                                       (file name :JHB mp3 320kbs , in yellow text)
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