I was sitting there playing Slide Guitar, doing my usual thang,busking in the streets of Brighton,when this dread-locked dude came up to me saying “Your amazing,I love your playing”. Turns out he had seen me playing 4 weeks earlier, and had bought my Album ‘Jail,Hollywood and Back’. I didn’t remember him because when I play my lap-steel slide guitar it totally absorbs me,and lots of people speak to me,I get asked to do session’s or they want me to do this or that , offers of work, most of which are bullshitters!!  I’m usually head down,rocking away, kicking ass, so I often don’t see what’s going on around me….you know what its like when you play the guitar.

Apparently that day he took a video of me rocking away playing Slide ,and had put it up on his You Tube channel, he explained this is what he does for a living, he plays guitar and makes video’s, His name was Rob Chapman aka Chappers.

To my total surprise he then gave me £100 that had been earnt that month from the video on You Tube, you can imagine my surprise when handed me this money. He said he could help me start to earn a living by using the internet, and set me up with a You Tube channel,helping me to get my music heard.Watch the video’s below

Rob said he has a Guitar company making Electric Guitars – Chapman Guitars – and said he would give me give me an electric guitar ! I couldn’t believe it..was this for real. Sure enough he phoned me up a few days later and invited me up to his house. I arrived at Rob’s he answered the door,and handed me a phone,he was talking with a friend in New York…Turns out it was the Editor of Huff Post I spoke to. After having a chat and a cuppa we turned our attentions to music…… and particularly Guitars.

There were Guitars and Amps everywhere, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. I’ve never seen so many guitars outside of a guitar shop,they were all Chapman Guitars  in various shapes and colours…Wow!  The stack of hand made British valve amps were awesome too, he explained they were a new Rob Chapman signature range, being designed to his specification and that these were the new prototype amps. Made for him by a British company called Victory  ‘Silverbacks’ .

With my mouth still watering at the thought of the immense sound that was gonna come out from these babies,Rob dug out some Guitars for me to try, I was in Guitar heaven.I eagerly plugged in the first guitar ,as Rob filmed it all , so you can share the experience to,by watching the videos below ! and yes,it did sound fantastic,I wasn’t disappointed…..