After the life changing events that took place(see About me-The past) I took some time out from music, I didn’t play a note or listen to any music for a year or two.

I needed to get away and recharge my Soul. To search for new inspirations,to relight my passion for music. I went to India for 3 months- I had the time of my life! I’ve always been fascinated by the sound of Indian music and the influence it has had on Western music.With bands such as The Beatles, John Mc Laughlin and Shakti ,Led Zeppelin (I actually traveled over the Himalaya to Kashmir valley-Stunning) and it certainly did inspire me and feed my creativity. I went to Varanasi to learn sitar(just south of Nepal) and while I was there, met a sitar maker and bought a Sitar.The whole trip was just what I needed.Awesome.

I have just been channeling all my energies into my music-both playing and recording. I have many songs in various styles from Reggae to Electronic pop to Sitar Rock! All recorded and mixed BUT has never been heard publicly. I will slowly start putting this music online.

NOTE: My old website went down at Christmas,the server somehow lost the data… the template I used was rubbish ,you couldn’t even write text on the home page. So when this new site is up, I will be putting lots of music online from my back catalog,there’s some great music in the pipeline.

Recently I’ve been playing a lot of Slide Guitar and Sitar,and doing a lot of busking.I love the freedom of busking, no booking dates,you just turn up and play and its fascinating seeing how people react to music.

All I usually do on computers is make music,I’m not really a web user, of course I’d heard of You Tube but I had no idea what could be achieved or how its used,let alone the
So enjoy the new video’s….photo’s and my music will be available to download soon.
so bye for now. NELLY

I live for music ,its the only thing that keeps me sane……my friends all say i’m crazy…but good crazy!!
In this modern world, music is one of the few things that can touch our emotions,it can make you laugh or cry,make you happy or sad ,it has the potential to heal……if that’s not magical, I don’t know what is …..Music’s a wonderful thing.